Terms, Warranties, limitations and Disclaimers


Since most of our work is clock repair, the term “clock” will be used throughout this statement.  However, this statement applies to any item brought to our shop for repair, whether a clock, music box, gramophone, mechanical doll or other mechanical device.


Your written authorization affirms your consent for us to complete the work as represented in the written estimate as well as your acceptance of these “Terms, Warranties, Limitations and Disclaimers.”  We NO LONGER accept checks or debit/credit cards.  “CASH is KING”.  Full payment is advance is required if we need to order a replacement movement or expensive parts for your clock.  Items sent to us for repair must be prepaid (USPS Money Order) before the item is shipped back to you.  Estimates do not include the cost of parts discovered unusable upon disassembly.  All parts removed will be discarded unless otherwise instructed by you.  Unrepaired clocks will be returned to you as disassembled.  We are not responsible for loss or damage in case of fire, theft or any cause beyond our control.  We are not responsible for clocks left over thirty (30) days after notification that your clock is ready to be picked up.


Once you have been notified your clock is ready, repaired or not repaired, you are expected to pick it up or arrange for delivery within (10) days.  For the subsequent days, storage and insurance fees may be charged at a rate of $1 per day.  After thirty (30) days, you will receive notification by Certified Mail of this action, and the amount will be charged against the clock.  By law, you have thirty (30) days after notification by Certified Mail to claim your clock.  Thereafter, the clock becomes the property of Father & Son Precision time and subsequently will be sold to satisfy the debt. 


Conservation:  Retain clock in its present condition, unrepaired, preserved in a broken and non-running condition.

Repair: Repair damage/wear to the clock to include replacement of broken cables, chains, mainsprings, chime cords, clean movement, and replace worn bushings/bearings, repair damaged gear teeth.

Restoration:  Includes repair plus removal of oxidation (patina) from movement.  Exclusive of restoration are polishing pendulum bob, movement brasses, chime tubes, weight shells, replacement or refinishing of case items.


We NEVER use destructive ammoniated cleaning reagents.


1.       Full repairs and restorations carry our one (1) year limited warranty, which begins on the date when you are notified your clock is ready, [or in the case of delivered clocks, when your clock is delivered].  The warranty is limited to actual work performed on the movement, exclusive of time-keeping adjustments, leveling, damage from tampering, shock, abuse or environmental conditions which contribute to corrosion and wear.  Any tampering with the movement or relocating the clock invalidates this warranty.  Additional service calls to your home are exclusive of the repair warranty.  For floor clock warranty work, however, you are charged only for travel expenses.  No clock is fully warranted unless we have cleaned and repaired the movement.  If your clock was only oiled and adjusted to get it running, we cannot warrant its running order.  It will probably need cleaning and rebuilding with a short time.

2.       For an additional charge, you can have your clock delivered and set up after all work is completed.

3.       Restoration services to the dial, reverse glass tablets, casework, polishing and lacquering of metal parts are ADDITIONAL.

4.       The mechanism is completely disassembled and cleaning in special distillate ultrasonic solutions.  This removes all dust, oils and dirt.  Restoration services are charged in addition.  Both repair and restoration services are warranted for one (1) year.

5.       Each part is examined.  Deformed or worn gear teeth and pinion gears are corrected or replaced on the gears.  Each gear pivot and friction surfaces are polished.  Then we correct for bushing wear.  The “bushings” are the holes in the metal plates through which each gear “pivot” (shaft end) turns.  Over time, each bushing wears and accumulates embedded dirt.  The contaminants must be physically removed, not “buzzed out in a bucket of soapy water”.  Each worn bushing is drilled out, and new bushings are pressed in place.  Bushings are bearings and look like little donuts.  When everything is properly sized, assembled and oiled, friction will be minimized.

6.       The mainsprings, if so equipped, are inspected and cleaned.  If there are visible imperfections, they will be replaced.  A mainspring that breaks within your clock can do substantial damage.

7.       We run your clock for many days on our test equipment.  When we are satisfied that the movement is running properly, we return the movement to the case and then run it for a few more days.  We do not wish for you to be disappointed.  It is at this time that you will receive notification that your clock is ready.



1.       A spring, even when only partially wound up, stores a great deal of power.  It MUST be treated with every respect, or serious personal injury can occur.

2.       Most springs are thin flat strips of special hardened steel which are confined to an enclosed barrel or a specific region within the movement.

3.       As the spring is wound up, the CLICK systems prevent uncoiling.  The points of engagement (holes punched in the mainspring ends) are, by nature, the weakest points in the mainspring.

4.       Springs often, but not always, break at a hole.  There is NEVER any warning!!  The violent release of energy and the reverse thrust set up when a mainspring breaks, almost always causes some damage to the gear teeth on some wheels and pinion gears.  Whilst closed springs remain in the barrel, open types can often fly outwards.

5.       If the CLICK system fails to work, the full power of the mainspring is released.  This usually happens during winding and results in the key spinning backwards at extreme speed and with considerable force.  This is the moment when YOU are at greatest risk of personal injury.  Be aware of where your fingers are located at all times.  ALL springs can break; even a NEW spring can break on the first winding.

6.       During the course of repairs, you will be informed if a mainspring shows obvious weaknesses or if its anchor points are damaged.  In addition, all click springs, ratchet clicks and ratchet wheels will be replaced if they appear in danger of failing.  HOWEVER, MOST METAL FATIGUE IS NOT VISIBLE!


DISCLAIMER:  While every reasonable effort is made to ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the Codes of Conduct of my professional bodies … The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors and The American Watchmaker-Clockmaker Institute, I cannot accept liability for any damage to the movement, case, glass or of a personal nature which can be attributed to metal fatigue or mechanical breakdown of any part due to age or manufacture, the use of keys of incorrect size, unreasonable winding force, unskilled or unsuitable installation and operation, the attentions of any other person, whether connected with the trade or not, damage caused by accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, improper operation or failure to follow instructions, damage or malfunction following repair, attempted repair or adjustment by you or any other individual, unless we have designated that person to do part of the work, excess wear or any kind of failure due to inherent design flaw or material defect that is well-known to clock repair practitioners, (e.g. Too-thin brass plates or nickel-electro-plated pivots).  Additional exclusions are mainspring breakage, or damage caused by mainspring damage, whether or not mainspring replacement was part of our original repair; damage or malfunction occurring during movement transport by any means to or from our premises or damage appearing after a move to a new address of the clock owner or of a different owner.  Timekeeping ability of the mechanism beyond manufacturer’s original expectations is not warranted.  Mileage or time required for house calls, whether or not a house call was charged for originals, is NOT covered under the warranty.


“We have no quarrel with the man who has lower prices.  He knows better than anybody else what his work is worth.”